Planning a Vintage Modern Girl's Nursery

Jun 30, 20142
Perhaps the title needs more explanation? We're expecting a little girl in July, and we couldn't be more excited! We don't share much about our personal lives, but when it comes to decorating our house, we might just fall in the "oversharers" category. You've been warned. We've had nursery plans in our heads for months now, since before we knew she was a "she" {in fact, this Momma was sure "she" was a He! whoops.}  We get a lot of questions now that we're in the last trimester, about how we're decorating the nursery, or if we've finished decorating. My typical response has been "it's all my head...," because we haven't even started! We've got some slanty floors upstairs, and we're working on getting them all leveled out before we start the nursery. That is a post for another day...but in the meantime, we've got a ton of inspiration in mind. Here's a little look at our favorite Pinterest ideas. We'll keep you posted on the progress {seriously, she's due in 3 weeks, so we're moving quickly} as we go! The piece that started the nursery decor journey: [caption id="attachment_524" align="aligncenter" width="600"]BabyD's Nursery | Changing Table | Carver Junk Company We found this primitive cabinet at a local vintage store, and fell in love. We left without it, but I convinced Chad we needed it, and called back the next day to purchase! It's a perfect changing table![/caption] We didn't really have a plan in mind, but based on the colors in this piece, we decided whether Baby D was a boy or girl, teal would be in the color scheme. Once we found out D is a girl, we opted for a combo of coral, teal, and gray. I was really convinced that this was a new, hip color scheme that I was inventing - we got the idea for coral from Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in the Apron Strings color. A quick search on Pinterest told me that I was behind the style curve on this one, but loved it anyway! [caption id="attachment_523" align="aligncenter" width="200"]We didn't create this - I found it on Pinterest, but can't find the original source. A little crazy that it's C & B Color Story (as we're also C & B) - meant to be?? We didn't create this - I found it on Pinterest, but can't find the original source. A little crazy that it's C & B Color Story (as we're also C & B) - maybe this was a sign...[/caption] The next thing we knew we wanted was some cool art. I am pretty sure I woke up out of a dead sleep with the idea to do some tattoo-inspired, child-appropriate artwork, and was sooooo excited about it! We wanted something that was colorful, fun, and inspiring, but not too "babyish." This idea apparently is not as well-traveled as the coral/teal/gray idea, and so finding pieces was tough. Here are a few we liked: Tattoo Inspired Nursery Artwork | Baby D's Nursery | Carver Junk Company a563cfa2052bbe6b341a9e6644456b07 006   None of them was quite right, and we couldn't find enough to get a cohesive look. We have a few friends that are tattoo artists, and thought we might get them to draw us up some art. And then we found this, and we were in love! We contacted the artist, Mary Vogel, hoping she had an electronic version of the image she'd drawn - we wanted to purchase it and have it blown up into a huge (like, full wall) decal and colored in for D's room. Unfortunately, it was only available as a drawing, so we continue our search for a similar style of elephant in a vector image format, so we can color it in our color scheme, and have it made into a (removable) decal! And lastly, I fell in love with this gorgeous coral dresser. We're working on DIY'ing one in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Apron Strings, which is a bit of a deeper coral.   [caption id="attachment_530" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Inspiration from  Make Bake and Love, via Pinterest Inspiration from Make Bake and Love, via Pinterest[/caption] Oh, just kidding, this is the last part. Chad was inspired by this photo. You'll have to wait and see our interpretation of it! Stay tuned for our versions of these ideas, all crammed into our tiny 10'x10' (if we're lucky) nursery! We can't wait to share!

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  • Carver Junk Company, of course!

  • whats the name of your favorite local vintage store??

  • I love your energy in this post… it will be so fun to see how it all comes together…

    A wall sized elephant or other creature in that style will be to die for… I’m big on whales myself… which makes me think Inuit or Australian style art might fit….

    There’s a wonderful peacock with some of your colors in this post:

    Searching whale tattoos on pinterest has some great images and I’m sure elephant tattoos would as well… Obviously you can figure all this out yourself…. Your ideas really captured me though, and I wanted to jump right in….

    All the best on this wonderful new adventure…

    P. Cruickshank-Schott visual wanterings on Pinterest Take A Seat & FlyAwayHome – furniture painting…

    For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love. — Carl Sagan

  • Great! Let me know how the elephant efforts go – would love to see a pic of the nursery when completed. The elephant wall mural behind the coral table would look spectacular!

    Dawn Edwards
  • Thanks for the great ideas, Dawn!! I love the idea of the overhead projector. I have a few graphic design friends as well, I’ll run the Illustrator idea by them. Would LOVE to see your finished cabinet once you paint it coral. I am obsessed with this color!

  • Don’t give up on ele!

    Can you take the drawing to a local printer, have them do a high res scan and then blow it up? Or have a graphic designer scan it, open in Adobe Illustrator, use the tool that creates outlines based on an existing image, and then create or vector file? Or as a last resort – use an overhead projector to blow it up on the wall, then trace the lines? Seems like you should be able to do something to replicate that adorable elephant for baby’s room!

    btw love the coral dressing table!!! I’m inspired to paint one of my cabinets in the same color!

    Dawn Edwards
  • Thanks so much for the nice words, and the recommendations!


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