Minneapolis Store Photos. It Looks Different. Again.

Feb 02, 20152
A customer walked into the Minneapolis store this past weekend, and literally squealed as she turned the corner from the entryway. She was thrilled that it looked completely different than the last time she was in {turns out, that was last week.} It probably wouldn't be a surprise to those of you who have shopped at our Carver store - it looks different every single time we open the doors. It's impossible for it to look the same, when we turn over 75% of our inventory each weekend we're open. The Minneapolis store is open every week - so you may assume not much changes from week to week. But.......we actually bring in new pieces of furniture every day - and because our furniture is all vintage, antique, or handmade,  the pieces are all one-of-a-kind. When a piece leaves the store, and we replace it with something else new and cool {sometimes multiple times per day}, it means it looks completely different in here each weekend. Here are some of my favorite things from the Minneapolis store last weekend P.S. We're open every week, Thursday - Sunday. We have a fun make & take painting project happening on Thursday night - check it out on Facebook. The Carver store is open for a one-day sale this Saturday as well! Vintage Video Camera and Case | Boxwood Wreath | Vintage Antique Books for Decoration | Screenprinted Art | Stone Arch Bridge | Minneapolis | Carver Junk Company Vintage Repainted White Dresser | Hardware Update | Lacquer Spray Finish | Painted Furniture | Carver Junk Company Vintage Diner Style Dishes | Red and White | Diner | Carver Junk Company Repurposed Milk Glass Vase | Candy Dish | Wine Chiller Cooler | Wine Bottle Holder | Carver Junk Company Mason Jar Cocktail Shakers | Antique Jars | Repurposed Drink Dispensers | Carver Junk Company Antique Egg Incubator turned into a Table | Original Primitive | Carver Junk Company Painted Antique Buffet | Grey Gray | Distressed | $549 | Carver Junk CompanyDo you have a favorite from the bunch? Are you planning to stop in Thursday evening to learn about milk paint and make a cute Valentine's Day mason jar?  

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