Loveseat Reupholstery Project, Part 1

Mar 10, 20142
We have too many couches {sofa, settees, upholstered furniture in general}. But I am addicted. I have the hardest time passing up amazing antique and vintage upholstered furniture, when I can see so much potential in the gorgeous lines of these old pieces. I've scooped up all the ones in perfect condition that fit my {our} price range, and we use them for vintage wedding, event, and photography rentals. It's a great way to satisfy my addiction, without ending up with a furniture-hoarding situation in our already-too-small house. Then I saw these gals {there are two of them - matching}. Their lines are perfect, their size is perfect, their fabric is far from perfect. But they were only $75 each! How was I going to justify this? I've never upholstered anything more difficult than a bench! [caption id="attachment_140" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Blue Crushed Velvet Loveseat Waiting for New Fabric The cushions aren't pictured here - trust me, even if this fabric looks ok in the photo, it's stinky and dirty.[/caption] Fate stepped in. I swear. A fellow SW Metro crafty-person on Facebook was looking for a space to hold some upholstery classes, and I had a space and some things to upholster. Surely a trade was in order, and lucky for me, she loved the idea too. So I bought two loveseats, and they sat in the garage for 2 months until I could find the time to meet with Lauren, and soak up some of her magic skills. We started our lesson {Part 1 of 3} this weekend. About 3 hours worth of time pulling staples, trying not to mangle the fabric as we deconstructed, some coffee cake and a few backaches later, she was down to bare bones. Well, she still needs some of her staples removed, but we'll get there. I'll take the next 2-3 weeks {an hour or two here and there} to finish removing staples, purchasing fabrics & supplies, and getting everything back into the workshop so Lauren and I can cover cutting our patterns, installing foam backing, and stapling on the back pieces in early April. [caption id="attachment_141" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Loveseat Reupholstery 101 - bottom of couch The bottom was in good shape, after we pulled off the worn, dirty fabric hiding the springs. Lucky, because I hadn't really checked for the quality of the springs when I purchased these![/caption] [caption id="attachment_143" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Here We Go! Deconstruction Begins on the Blue Velvet Loveseat We started by pulling the cording, fabric, and batting off the back side. It was sewn into three panels that spanned the whole back.[/caption]

Carver Junk Company | Blue Crushed Velvet Loveseat Waiting for New Fabric

Carver Junk Company | Blue Crushed Velvet Loveseat Waiting for New Fabric

Carver Junk Company | Blue Crushed Velvet Loveseat Waiting for New Fabric

Carver Junk Company | Blue Crushed Velvet Loveseat Waiting for New Fabric This gal should be ready for the May or June sale in Carver, all reupholstered, repainted, and ready for a new home. Here are some inspiration photos from Pinterest {who am I kidding - we have a whole board for sofas - here}:

I still haven't settled on what color to paint the wood, and which fabric and cording to use - modern? neutral? bold? contrasting trim & fabric? so many options.... What would you do??

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