Limited-Edition MN-themed Screenprints, Locally Handmade

Nov 07, 20142
We have been working with a local artist to sell his limited-edition screenprints for over a year now, and we just received a new shipment that was begging for me to share in a blog post. We've decided to also offer these for sale online (& yes, we will ship them). These make THE. BEST. GIFTS for college kids homesick for MN. for friends & family that have been transplanted elsewhere {maybe it'll convince them to come home??}. for all of you who are proud to be living right here. for bike lovers. beer lovers. nature lovers. guitar lovers. First, check out this series of MN Grown prints. One for each season. 11x14 and priced at $20 individually, or a steal for $65 for the set of four! 470-mngrown-summer 470-mngrown-winter 470-mngrown-spring 470-mngrown-autumn Then, there are all of these amazing Guitar-themed prints. 470x627-20guitarsgray stpaulguitar-digital1-500x667 There's been such a recent influx in local, craft breweries and homebrewed beer, that these are sure to make any beer-lover happy! 470x627-pickyourglass 470x627-justaddbeer1 470-tapit 470-drink-locally 470beer-supportgroup 470beer-garden   Did we mention that these are all limited-edition? They are screenprinted, individually, by hand {each color separately} in batches between 100 and 200. We have access to a small portion of them {about 10 of each print}. Order now!

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