Giveaway Wednesday. MN Heart Art Print.

Oct 22, 20142
UPDATE:  This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Nancy S - she won the MN Heart Art Print! To be informed every time we have a giveaway {or post other cool stuff} - sign up to receive emails on the right side of the page! No spam, we pinky swear. ******************************************************** We love Minnesota. And we know you do, too. We know, because everything we carry that has a MN outline on it is among our best-selling items. MN necklaces. MN pillows. MN cardigans. MN barn wood signs. MN art prints. Metal MNs. Vintage book MNs. We've got a lot of pride in our state, we Minnesotans. {even those of us who are transplants!}

So, we thought we'd let you know that we love you as much as you love Minnesota, with a little Wednesday giveaway. One lucky winner {chosen at random by Rafflecopter} will receive an 11x14 MN Heart Art Print, including shipping within the U.S.

Click on the MN Heart Art below to enter!

MN Heart Coral Art Print | Carver Junk Company

Good luck! Winner will be announced Monday, October 27th.

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Comments (9)

  • I love MN because my family is here, the lakes are amazing, and for the most part, the weather is beautiful.

  • I love MN even though I’m a transplant because I have amazing friends and church family here.

  • I love MN for the seasons, the people, and because all of my family is here.

  • Minnesota is amazing! Love the seasons.

    Courtney martinez
  • I love Minnesota because of the nice warm summers

    Lindsay Egge
  • I love MN because of fall!

  • I love this print!

  • I love MN for the weather! Having come from Texas, it is a nice change of pace. There is was summer and less summer. Not here! I enjoy the beautiful colors and snow!

    Alexa Wagner
  • Love these prints!

    Sarah McGinn

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