Pink Amber + Honey | Luxe Candle Glass Vessel - 7oz

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Gorgeous 7oz Glass Vessel (5.5oz Fill) Natural Soy Wax Scented Candle. Small Batch Hand Poured Candles crafted in Tennessee since 2015.

Fragrance #60 - Pink Amber + Honey:
"Pink Amber + Honey" is a unique and indulgent scent with notes of peach, honey, gardenia, pink amber, and vanilla woods. A smooth, spa-like fragrance perfect for those who love sweet and flirty scents.

Each unit is individually packaged in high quality gloss retail packaging.

The 7oz size is best suited for a small to medium size room; bathrooms and bedrooms are popular options.

Highly Popular as gifts, SD Candle Scented Candles are a great seller for almost any store.