Cacao Espresso Martini Cocktail + Mocktail Mix

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Award winning cocktail and mocktail mixers made with superfoods, functional ingredients, and up to 70% less sugar than other mixers! Professional photography provided with every purchase. CACAO ESPRESSO MARTINI Bold. Rich. Invigorating. One bottle makes 10 drinks. Just 40 calories per serving. Low sugar. Known for their flavonoids, cacao adds a delicious layer of depth to your espresso martini. To make a cocktail: mix 1:1 with vodka, bourbon, reposado tequila. To make a mocktail: mix with your favorite NA spirit or club soda. More recipes are available on our website that use Modica and a few other ingredients to create a more elevated cocktail: Perfect for Dry January, Dry July, Sober October, and non-alcoholic/NA/mocktail shops. LGBTQ owned and certified through the NGLCC.