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    Milk Paint Colors are Retiring!

    All you Apron Strings and Dried Lavender fans, tune in....these pretty, fun colors are going into retirement. Miss Mustard Seed released a new color line last year, with six European-inspired colors {which we love, btw} and it's time for a few of the original colors to say au revoir. Purchase online before they're gone: Apron Strings | Retired Color | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint | Carver Junk Company | Milk Paint Colors Retiring  Dried-Lavender-Collage-1   Apron Strings is a personal favorite of mine, so I'm a bit bummed to hear it's going away. If you remember, we used it as the coral color in our daughter's nursery, and I still love it as much as I did then. So much so, that Chad has his lacquer spray color-matched to Apron Strings, too! {on that note, if you want something custom painted in this color, we can make it happen}. Dried Lavender has always gotten a bad rap, in my opinion. It's not as purple as people seem to assume, based on the name. It's actually a beautiful dusty gray color with just a hint of lavender undertones. Our vendors have painted quite a few pieces with it, and customers are always surprised when they hear the name of the color! If you love them, scoop them up now while they're still available! Looking for some new color inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest board: Inspiration: Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint or check out the new colors below!   bergere-collage  arabesque-collage  Schloss-Collage laylas-mint-collage  marzipan-Collage Mora-Collage farmhouse-white

    Winner, Winner! Plus, a 10% off code for online purchases.

    Can you believe March is over, and it's April already??  Our March Madness Milk Paint Contest was a ton of fun, and we had thousands of voters over the two weeks. We're excited to do it again next year. On that note....we're so excited to crown our very first March Madness Milk Paint WINNER:

    Brooke L (find her on Instagram for more of her fun projects) Brooke will receive a code for $150 worth of milk paint from Carver Junk Company!

    March Madness Milk Paint Contest | Carver Junk Company | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint | Painted Furniture | Painted Mirror | Chippy Finish | Marzipan and Ironstone Thank you to everyone who entered, voted and shared! We also chose a winner for $50 worth of milk paint, from the thousands who voted: Amy McCaw, we'll send you a message! Lastly, we're offering 10% off any milk paint purchases from our website through the end of the day Friday (4/8/16). Use code MMMPC at checkout. Happy Painting, everyone!    

    Championship Round: March Milk Paint Madness!

    This is it. The last round. The final three. In no particular order. $150 in milk paint products, and the title of Carver Junk Company's March Milk Paint Madness Champion, are on the line! Thousands of votes in the books. Choose your favorite, then leave us a comment telling why they earned your vote for a chance to win $50 in milk paint products for yourself!

    [socialpoll id="2346878"]

    View the previous brackets here!

    Vote in Round Three: March Milk Paint Madness

    Round Two was a tight race!  You voted, we calculated, and the winners have moved on to Round Three. Now, a little disclaimer. Many of our customers & readers know we're a small mom & pop shop run by a husband and wife team, and a handful of vendors. Sometimes, life happens, and the business takes a back burner. We intended for Round Two to close on Saturday, but then the kid got sick, and being at a laptop to shut 'er down and create the next round of brackets just didn't happen. The curtain-climber is feeling better this morning (after finding out she had strep AND a UTI...she's one tough cookie!) and we're ready to move on to Round Three. Here they are, the crowd favorites, matched head-to-head.....The large, distressed, white mirror had the most votes in Round Two, and got a bye straight into the CHAMPIONSHIP Round!  In the last round, we'll match the final three projects against one another, for one ultimate winner! Don't forget, we're also choosing one lucky voter for a $50 credit towards milk paint!

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    Check out the first two rounds here!

    Want more Milk Paint inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board: Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Inspiration.

    March Milk Paint Madness! And paint giveaway.

    March. Milk Paint. Madness!  The weather around here isn't the only madness....we're giving away $200 worth of milk paint in our March Madness bracket-style voting competition. Customers from around the country submitted their completed milk-painted projects, and we matched them up head-to-head for some friendly competition. With over 1,000 people voting in the first round, we've narrowed it down to ten projects for Round Two. The winner of the Contest will receive $150 in their choice of Milk Paint products, and one lucky voter will receive $50 in their choice of Milk Paint products. And if you don't win? No worries, our shipping is always free! You guys, there are a LOT of different furniture paints on the market these days. Some professionally-manufactured, and some moonshine-style, made in someone's garage. All of them have their uses, and our vendors even use a variety of them. But we have a hands-down favorite in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, and here's why: it's all-natural, zero-VOC (no toxins), and it's the safest paint around. The color palette is gorgeous, and it's really versatile; chippy & primitive, opaque & modern, use it as a stain or a wash, or an all-over color. It's the easiest to distress (if you wish), and doesn't leave brush strokes on your finished piece. That's my sales pitch. But seriously, check out the variety in the pieces below. Vote for your Round Two favorites {check out the Round One entries here}:

    [socialpoll id="2345345"]

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    The winners of Round Two will advance to the next round; voting starts March 26th! {and yes, one of them will get a "bye" week...because making brackets is clearly not my business strength...whoops. The Round Two piece with the most votes will get a "bye."} If you're feeling inspired, but still a bit nervous about milk paint, we have a Bring Your Own Piece workshop coming up mid-April. We teach you the basics, then help you paint a small piece of your own from start to finish.

    Happy voting! Brandy