We're Hiring! Retail + Workshop Coordinator at our Chaska location.

Jun 14, 20172
Carver Junk Company in  is hiring, and we need someone with just the right mix of creativity, personality, and organizational skills. Maybe it's you, or maybe you know someone who is the perfect fit. Here's the scoop: Carver Junk Company Retail + Workshop Coordinator: Part-time to start (summer), ramping up to full-time (fall). Summer hours are flexible, with opportunity to work partially from home while scheduling workshops. Full-time hours will vary between working during open store hours, evening workshops, coordinating off-site events and some errand-running. Summary A Jack or Jill of many trades, with a passion for craftiness, a love of teaching people, and a strange addiction to details & organization. Your role at Carver Junk Company is focused on running our Chaska store, working during open weekends, and managing our DIY workshop. You'll keep happily busy managing the customer service, logistics, inventory, scheduling, website, and shipping associated with the retail store + workshops, as well as teaching the occasional workshop yourself. We'll provide you with an awesome, supportive, fun work environment, valuable skills and experience, and the opportunity to grow with us. Skills/Qualifications [non-negotiables] • A sense of humor, and positive attitude. Our brand is fun, edgy, and unique. If we’re going to unleash you in our brick & mortar and online worlds, we want you to reflect those qualities, too. • Creativity. With dozens of other workshops available in the market, you'll need to create a unique schedule of events that sets CJC apart, and drives excitement and engagement about our workshop offerings. • Previous experience in high-energy customer service roles, no fear speaking (or leading) in front of small groups, and some DIY in your DNA. Ability to engage, teach, and lead a variety of personalities. Ability to balance sales skills with people skills. • Social media experience, either in the business world or your personal experience. If you’ve got a demonstrated aptitude, we can show you the ropes of the business side. • Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Ability to juggle multiple customers in-store, while filling your spare time with reporting, responding to online customer inquiries, coordinating vendor deliveries, and shipping online orders. You have excellent time management skills. • Uber-organized + guts. You see how things could be done better, and you’ve got the courage to speak up with ideas for improvement. You can help others see your vision, and make changes for the better! • Flexibility and willingness to change as we grow and learn together. CJC is a small, relatively new business in a competitive market that requires constant change to stay “ahead of the game.” • Ability to bench press 200 lbs. Kidding, but you do need to be able to lift 10 lbs regularly, up to 50 lbs occasionally, climb ladders & bend and lift decor and furnishings to help customers. Our HR friends suggest we write this all up in a super-official fashion, but the truth is we're pretty laid-back around here, and a bit more disorganized than this position description might lead you to believe [which is part of the reason we want to hire you]. Pay is hourly ($10-13/hr, depending on experience) with opportunity for bonus when workshop + store sales goals are exceeded. Interested parties should email info@carverjunkcompany.com. Carver Junk Company is a small business of under 20 employees, and does not currently offer health insurance benefits.

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