This is NOT a SALE. Support Local MN Families when you shop local this weekend!

Nov 19, 2017Brandy Dressen

Small Business Saturday is coming up this weekend! As a Small Business, we are so thankful that this has become a "thing." This year, we decided to share the love we receive this day, and donate a portion of our sales on November 24-25th to Sponsor A Family MN.

Sponsor A Family MN

Sponsor A Family MN is a non-denominational nonprofit organization that matches families in need with Sponsors who anonymously shop for them for the holidays.  All "in need" families are pre-approved by qualified case managers, and truly need your help. Two years ago we sponsored a particular family that was homeless and whose children had never had a new pair of shoes. I cried a lot when I heard their story, and realized the things we take for granted. We sponsored each family member with a gift card to Famous Footwear, so they could choose their own new shoes. The thank you letter we received made the entire season for our team. 

Last year, and again this year, we're contributing to the Emergency Fund for SAFMN, which they have told us is critical to the program and provides for unmatched or late-added families. We'll provide grocery store gift cards that can be utilized for a variety of needs for these families. 

How can you participate? This year, we created a Holiday Gift Guide filled with locally handmade gift ideas. In purchasing these items in particular, you're supporting local families that create our beautiful inventory. In turn, we're donating 10% of all sales from the Gift Guide items on November 26th to Sponsor A Family MN. 

Carver Junk Company Holiday Gift Guide 2017 | MN Locally Handmade Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Shop at either Carver Junk Company location on Small Business Saturday, and 10% of the sales from our Holiday Gift Guide items will be donated to Sponsor a Family MN.  We've created "events" on Facebook for each store. RSVP to see photos of some of the items we'll have in stock this Saturday! Gifts, decor, furniture and more.



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