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    Introducing: General Finishes Furniture Paint

    After nearly two years of research, testing, trial and error we are so excited to bring in a second furniture paint line to complement the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint line we already carry. We have tried them all {and there are a lot} - all of the furniture paints on the market. We are confident we have found the two lines that best suit our business and our customers. General Finishes Milk Paint Chalk Paint Cans Collage | Available at Carver Junk Company | Furniture Paint What's different about the General Finishes paint? First, let's compare it to our current paint line {Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint}.   General Finishes is a liquid paint, and MMS is a powder paint. Liquid means NO MIXING {well, you should still STIR it} - it's ready to go, straight out of the can! Because it's a liquid, it means there are a few more chemicals in it than in the MMS paint line - the additives ensure that all the color particles stay suspended in the paint. MMS milk paint is zero-VOC, all-natural. General Finishes offers a variety of non-paint finishes, including gel stains, glazes, and top coats. Miss Mustard Seed's line offers top coats, but no true stain products {though any color can be diluted to allow wood grain to show through, for an all-natural stain}. Both offer a water-based polyurethane top coat, and the add-on products in both lines can be used with one another - part of the reason we chose such a complementary second paint line! General Finishes Furniture Collage Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint can be reapplied as soon as it's dry to the touch {about 30 minutes}. General Finishes requires 2-4 hrs dry time between coats. General Finishes dries to a more durable finish on it's own, without a top coat, than MMS does, but we recommend a top coat for durability 100% of the time! Because the paint does have some durability of it's own, General Finishes is a bit harder to distress than MMS milk paint. It's much more difficult to achieve a "primitive" finish with General Finishes. Light-color coverage of General Finishes is spectacular - and even if you prefer the finished look of the MMS milk paint, General Finishes liquid paint makes an excellent primer. If you visit either of our stores today, you'll find multiple pieces painted with each of these paints. We don't require our vendors to use a specific brand of paint, but most do choose one or both of these lines. That's because they are some of the best on the market! Let's compare General Finishes to other LIQUID paint lines on the market: We're not going to call them all out - every paint has a place in the market, and many loyal followers. These are the reasons we chose General Finishes, instead of any other paint line: General Finishes paint does not leave/show brush strokes on the finished furniture piece the way most liquid lines do. Often, painters are told to water-down liquid lines to prevent this. General Finishes requires very little extra effort to minimize brush strokes. Seriously, check out the finish on this beauty from Create.Inspire. General Finishes paint is durable, durable, durable. Their High Performance Top Coat is utilized by many furniture painters, regardless of the actual paint they use underneath it, because the finish & durability can't be beat. The General Finishes color lines are neutral, classy, and will stand the test of time. We personally wanted to bring in another paint line, like Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, that has a classic color palette that easily mixes into our customer's homes. The colors in the General Finishes line also complement the MMS milk paint line, so our customers can choose to use both in different applications, throughout their homes! General Finishes | Our 16 Favorite Colors from the Milk Paint line | Carver Junk Company General Finishes is still easy to distress, so you can achieve both a solid, all-over color or the time-worn look of a piece painted ages ago. Many liquid lines peel when distressing {instead of leaving that worn look}, or require that you wet-distress to achieve any wear. GF Get the Look Collage Between ourselves, and our vendors, we tried dozens of different paints. General Finishes was one of the first we tried. So why haven't we brought it in sooner? In all honesty, we worried that our fresh, modern customers might not love the packaging. Yep, it's true - we considered every single factor in choosing a new line. But at the end of the day, we kept coming back to the quality of the paint. Our vendors all started using it, and telling each other about it, and pretty soon, they demanded we started carrying it. And you all know - we have the best vendors - both from a quality & style perspective. So, we listened. Available at the Carver store this weekend, in limited colors & quantities {while we figure out a display!} and next month in both stores & online!

    Online Store: New Products Added!

    We love handmade. Especially really cool, locally handmade stuff. We've recently added to our online store, and have some new products we think you'll love!

    State Love

    MN Beer Cap Bottle Map | We also have Wisconsin! | Carver Junk Company | Handmade Home Decor | Craft Beer Display Wisconsin Keychain Bottle Opener 14 Gauge Metal | Made in Minnesota | MN | WI | Carver Junk Company City Bike Print | 11x14 | Minneapolis Skyline | Road Bike | MN | Screenprinted | Limited Edition | Brian Geihl |Dogfish Media  Loch Ness Art Prints | Paul Bunyan | Babe the Blue Ox | Minnesota Greeting Cards | Handmade
     Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Plush Set | Carver Junk Company | Handmade MN | Original Art | Brian Ness | Lochness Mpls    mngrown-4pack_10e3ab6d4f80371a0cf8a171c4c0c133  Minneapolis Art | Spoon and Cherry
     MN Alphabet State Print Red White Black  Barnwood Handpainted Home MN Sign | Minnesota  Minnesota Tree Screenprinted Art  MN Wall Mounted Bottle Opener | 14 Gauge Steel | Minnesota

    Smell-Good Stuff

    Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Tea Tree Face Bar Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Wake Me Up Bar Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Lavender Rosemary Bar Natural Body Products | Handmade in Minnesota | Man Soap & Beard Oil Set | Father's Day

    Around the House

     DIY Terrarium in a Jar Kit | Made in MN | Unicorn Terrarium | Moss Terrarium  Antique Zinc Mason Jar Lid Coaster Set | Repurposed Coasters | Made in MN Photo Holder Wood Block | Handmade MN | Great for Recipes, Photos, Handwritten Notes Photo Holder Wood Block | Handmade MN | Great for Recipes, Photos, Handwritten Notes, Instagram Photos
     Custom Wine Rack | Metal and Wood | 8 bottle wine rack | Handmade MN  SHIT Art Print | Bathroom Wall Art | Handmade MN  SHIT Art Print | Bathroom Wall Art | Handmade MN  Custom Made-to-order Barnwood Sign | Home Arrows | Handmade in MN | Minnesota Signs | Handpainted
    Which new items are your favorites? What new handmade items would you like to see us carry in the future?

    Carver Junk Company is Hiring!!

    We need your help. Carver Junk Company in Minneapolis is hiring, and we need someone with just the right mix of experience, personality and potential. Maybe it's you, or maybe you know someone who is the perfect fit.  Here's the scoop:   Carver Junk Company Associate Manager Full-time, 40 hrs/week, Tuesday - Saturday, or 2 part-time resources, 20 hrs/week each. Store hours are 11-7 Tues-Fri, and 10-6 Sat Minneapolis, MN Summary A Jack or Jill of all trades, with a background in customer service, a love of design, and a strange addiction to details & organization. Your day at Carver Junk Company is focused on serving our customers {in store and online}, but you'll also keep happily busy with business administration-related tasks like bookkeeping, reporting, and shipping online orders. You'll love being an expert on our products, including the lines of paint we sell for DIY customers, and you gain satisfaction from facing different challenges and opportunities every day! You'll exercise your design skills as you stage & re-stage the store as furniture and accessories fly out the door. We'll provide you with an awesome, supportive, fun work environment, valuable skills and experience, and the opportunity to grow with us. Skills/Qualifications {non-negotiables} • A sense of humor, and positive attitude. Our brand is fun, edgy, and unique. If we're going to unleash you in our brick & mortar and online worlds, we want you to reflect those qualities, too. • Previous sales and/or customer service experience. Ability to balance sales skills with people skills. • Social media expertise, either in the business world or your personal experience. If you've got a demonstrated aptitude, we can show you the ropes of the business side. • Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Ability to juggle multiple customers in-store, while filling your spare time with reporting, responding to online customer inquiries, coordinating vendor deliveries, and shipping online orders. You have excellent time management skills. • Uber-organized + guts. You see how things could be done better, and you've got the courage to speak up with ideas for improvement. You can help others see your vision, and make changes for the better! • Flexibility and willingness to change as we grow and learn together. CJC is a small, relatively new business in a competitive market that requires constant change to stay "ahead of the game." • Ability to bench press 200 lbs. Kidding, but you do need to be able to lift 10 lbs regularly, up to 50 lbs occasionally, climb ladders & bend and lift decor and furnishings to help customers. Bonus Points for any {or all} of the following: • Design or merchandising education or experience. • Previous retail experience. • Buyer or vendor management experience. • Accounting experience.   Pay is $12-15 per hour, depending on experience. Interested parties should email Carver Junk Company is a small business of under 20 employees, and does not currently offer health insurance benefits.

    Donate Online: MN Pit Bull Rescue

    Can't make it to the Valentine's Day Kissing Booth, but still want to support an awesome local rescue group? and/or  Want to get your sweetheart a unique Valentine's Day gift? You're the best! For real. This foster-based, donation-driven, 501c3 rescue is kept alive by amazing people like you. You can donate online here:

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Puppy Kissing Booth | Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue | Carver Junk Company Minneapolis | Valentine's Day | Charity Donation

    $100 Gift Card Giveaway Winners!

    Thanks to everyone who entered online and came out to shop at both stores this weekend! Carver Junk Company $100 Gift Card Winner Congrats to Megan M for winning the $100 gift card through the online entry; Rafflecopter randomly selected her blog post comment, "I would spend it on a buffet for my dining room." We've got some great buffets at both stores! And the winner of the in-store drawing for a $100 CJC gift card is Carron K, who entered the drawing in the Carver store! Congrats, Carron! We'll email both winners individually for details on how to receive your gift cards.   Our Minneapolis store is open every Thursday through Sunday, and the next sale in our Carver store is January 14th-18th. Our online store is always open!