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    Carver Junk Company — pottery barn

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    Online Store: New Products Added!

    We love handmade. Especially really cool, locally handmade stuff. We've recently added to our online store, and have some new products we think you'll love!

    State Love

    MN Beer Cap Bottle Map | We also have Wisconsin! | Carver Junk Company | Handmade Home Decor | Craft Beer Display Wisconsin Keychain Bottle Opener 14 Gauge Metal | Made in Minnesota | MN | WI | Carver Junk Company City Bike Print | 11x14 | Minneapolis Skyline | Road Bike | MN | Screenprinted | Limited Edition | Brian Geihl |Dogfish Media  Loch Ness Art Prints | Paul Bunyan | Babe the Blue Ox | Minnesota Greeting Cards | Handmade
     Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Plush Set | Carver Junk Company | Handmade MN | Original Art | Brian Ness | Lochness Mpls    mngrown-4pack_10e3ab6d4f80371a0cf8a171c4c0c133  Minneapolis Art | Spoon and Cherry
     MN Alphabet State Print Red White Black  Barnwood Handpainted Home MN Sign | Minnesota  Minnesota Tree Screenprinted Art  MN Wall Mounted Bottle Opener | 14 Gauge Steel | Minnesota

    Smell-Good Stuff

    Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Tea Tree Face Bar Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Wake Me Up Bar Natural Soap | Handmade | Birch Tree Basics | St. Paul, MN | Lavender Rosemary Bar Natural Body Products | Handmade in Minnesota | Man Soap & Beard Oil Set | Father's Day

    Around the House

     DIY Terrarium in a Jar Kit | Made in MN | Unicorn Terrarium | Moss Terrarium  Antique Zinc Mason Jar Lid Coaster Set | Repurposed Coasters | Made in MN Photo Holder Wood Block | Handmade MN | Great for Recipes, Photos, Handwritten Notes Photo Holder Wood Block | Handmade MN | Great for Recipes, Photos, Handwritten Notes, Instagram Photos
     Custom Wine Rack | Metal and Wood | 8 bottle wine rack | Handmade MN  SHIT Art Print | Bathroom Wall Art | Handmade MN  SHIT Art Print | Bathroom Wall Art | Handmade MN  Custom Made-to-order Barnwood Sign | Home Arrows | Handmade in MN | Minnesota Signs | Handpainted
    Which new items are your favorites? What new handmade items would you like to see us carry in the future?

    New Furniture Pieces for April!

    Here are a few of the new furniture pieces in the store for April! Check the caption of each to see whether it's available now, or if it'll be available at the sale only. [caption id="324" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Antique Blue Tufted Balloon Chairs by Fab Rehab Designs | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available at the April sale in Carver - April 16th to 19th.[/caption] [caption id="325" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Dried Lavender Milk Paint Dresser by Fab Rehab Designs | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available at the April sale in Carver - April 16th to 19th.[/caption] [caption id="326" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Reclaimed Warehouse Cart Coffee Table | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption] [caption id="327" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Tractor Wheel Bench in Dark Walnut | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption] [caption id="328" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Dresser by Cotton Seed Designs | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption] [caption id="329" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Petite Artissimo and Grain Sack Milk Paint Buffet | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption] [caption id="330" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Harvest Buffet Table | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption]   [caption id="331" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Milk Paint Trophy Dresser | Carver Junk Company | Recycle. Repurpose. Relove. Available immediately: 612.615.8650 or at the April sale the 16-19th.[/caption] Have questions? Leave them in the comments below, call us at 612.615.8650, or email at! We hope to see you April 16th from 6-8:30 pm, or the 17th - 19th from 10 am to 4 pm!     Linked up to: [caption id="attachment_336" align="alignleft" width="150"]Milk Paint Masterpiece Monday | Carver Junk Company Linked Up Milk Paint Masterpiece Monday Linkup[/caption] [caption id="attachment_338" align="alignleft" width="150"]That DIY Party That DIY Party[/caption]  

    Dealer Spotlight: The Vintage Estate, and Owner Aimee

    So you’re wondering how the heck we pull off finding & refinishing & making all those handmade items each month? We don’t do it alone, that’s for sure. We are so proud to have an amazing, incredible, talented team of people behind the Carver Junk Company brand. They each have a different style, personality, and strength that they bring to the team, and we want to let you get to know them all a little better! We’re writing up a series of Dealer Spotlights. The first few that we share will be focused on our “dealers”  -the folks that regularly and religiously fill space in our stores, re-stock new pieces as things sell, support our crazy ideas, expansions, and who have become our friends through the journey that has been CJC. We’ll also feature the artisans that bring in a few perfect pieces here and there, and that make all of those one-of-a-kind handmade-in-MN items for which we’ve become known. There are over 40 different individuals and businesses that come together behind the scenes to create Carver Junk Company. Let's meet Aimee. She was one of our very first dealers, taking on a large open space in our previous Carver store {the back half of the big back room, for those of you who visited us in our old home}. Aimee's got such a great style {she describes it well, below} and she's not only a fabulous hunter, picker, sign maker and furniture refinisher, she's an amazing decorator. She's got a great eye for staging, putting the right pieces together, and achieving "the look." 1403719_10151927821804194_115478735_o

    Tell us about yourself: I am a mom to two boys, 7 and 5.  I like gardening, traveling, spinning, and mostly hunting for vintage treasures! How did The Vintage Estate Start: I guess I have always been a scavenger at heart, before my husband and I were married, we would make weekly trips to the Banks store (a store like Petters) in Mankato to see what we could find.  We would bring home the best stuff and our families would just laugh!!  Fast forward a whole bunch of years after our kids weren't babies anymore, I had some more time to fill and I said to my husband one day, "Wouldn't it be fun to find all kinds of vintage stuff that people like to decorate with and sell it?"  Our first "pick" was in the grove of our family's farm that has been in my family for over a hundred years!!  I kept some of the old glass medicine bottles as I knew they were from my great grandparents!  I have been selling in occasional stores ever since and it is truly the perfect fit for me! Where do you find your inspiration?: I find lots of inspiration from the internet, like most people do, but I find most of my inspiration from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and the way I feel when I am there... I walk into those stores and I want to move right in!!  It has become one of my passions to create that "look" without breaking the bank!


    desk What is your favorite thing to collect?: Right now, it is anything to do with deer antlers.  My husband about fell over when I told him he could put a deer mount above the basement fireplace...under the condition that when I was sick of it, I could take it down!!  I definitely go through phases, so wait a few months and ask me that question again and the answer will probably be different!! antler Collage Do you have a photo/story of a favorite piece you've ever done? My favorites are usually the things I am currently working on, I feel like I learn something after each piece I do and each piece is just a little better than the one before it.   Right now, I am LOVING collaborating with my dad making some restoration hardware inspired tables out of iron frames that he welds for me and reclaimed barn wood.   I also really enjoy making signs and have lots of favorites of those!

    rh tables

    sign Collage

    Find Aimee and The Vintage Estate on the Internets:

    If only it were as easy as Flea Market Flip. A re-finishing rant.

    A friend, and one of our dealers at Carver Junk, sent me this blog post a few weeks ago. It hit home, and I've been trying to think of a way to post it for our fans/followers/customers to see, without making it seem cranky. While noodling on how to do that, I've also been (completely unrelated) DVR'ing episodes of Flea Market Flip, and catching up on them on Sunday nights. We've had a ton of people ask us if we've ever seen the show, because they "LOVE IT!"

    Well, here's the scoop on Flea Market Flip. It's completely unrealistic, and gives viewers the impression that big repurposing projects can be completed with quality in less than 24 hours with no additional cost beyond the original purchase price {seriously, who is paying for all that paint, and all the people helping the flippers do the work?!}. And unfortunately, it leads some {not all} of those viewers to expect much lower prices than are feasible at stores like Carver Junk Company.
    To illustrate, let's talk about a piece we bought recently, and repainted: A round pedestal table - priced at $40. The price was fair, so we didn't low-ball or negotiate. We drove 20 miles to pick it up. Because the woman selling it wasn't able to help Chad move it, both he and I had to go, costing us both time - it took about an hour there and back.
    I forgot to take a Before photo, so I borrowed this from an online post. It is pretty darn close to the table we bought. {Although the veneer on this one is in better shape; price is also higher}.
    Purchase price:  $40 Gas: $7  {yes, our Jeep stinks for gas mileage, but it's great for hauling our trailer} Time: $40 {we value our time at $20 per hour} Then, when we got there, we found the reason the table was only $40 {which, of course hadn't been shared when we asked the condition} - the veneer was bubbling on both the top and the leaf for the table. Add an extra 30 minutes of veneer-fixing time. Fixing: $10 Once it was prepped {fixing the veneer}, we were ready to paint. We use Milk Paint or homemade chalk paint, both of which require no sanding prior. Woohoo! Time savers! But, what we make up for in time, we lose in cost of paint. It's worth it, trust us. Milk Paint: $18 Wax: $3  {a small portion of a large container used} Sandpaper, brushes, etc:  $3  {brushes are reused, sandpaper is cheap, but let's add something for supplies} Bonding agent: $7  {ensures the paint sticks and doesn't require the sanding prep work} Painting with Milk Paint is actually a time SAVER, because it dries so quickly. We chose a light color, so that meant it required a couple of coats. We'll call it three. Each coat takes about 20 minutes, so we're looking at an hour. Painting Time:  $20 Distressing/Waxing Time: $3  {about 10 minutes} It's done! That's it, right? Well, there is also the rent {and utilities} that we have to pay in order to have a place to showcase the table. Sq Ft Rent for Table:  $25 per month, but we'll assume it sells in one month. It's also possible that it sells in the first day of the sale, and we replace it with something else that sells - this is ideal :) And there are the folks we have to pay to work at the store while we're open. That only adds a small cost to each item, so we won't even add it here - but it's important to note the number of things that go into "selling" furniture! So, what does that total look like? Purchase price:  $40 Gas: $7 Time: $40
    Fixing: $10
    Milk Paint: $18 Wax: $3 Sandpaper, brushes, etc:  $3 Bonding agent: $7 Painting Time:  $20 Distressing/Waxing Time: $3 Sq Ft Rent for Table:  $25This table COST us $176 to buy, paint, and put in the store. We'd likely price this table at $249 {which is determined by a lot of factors like our market, the piece itself, current demand for this type of item, etc.}
    Can you see all the distressed and chippy goodness in this photo? And the finish feels like butter.
    Well, it's apparent that we aren't professional photographers, but here is the finished table, with leaf. It's she a beauty??
    So once we've paid ourselves, the bills, and sold the table, we will have $73 left over to go buy another piece of furniture and start the process all over again. And just for kicks, let's compare our table {$249} to a couple of major retail store tables & prices:
    Crate & Barrel,  $499
    Pottery Barn, $799
    Now, let's be clear. I am not complaining. We LOVE what we do, we LOVE our customers, and we RARELY encounter a situation where someone is disrespectful about pricing. I didn't blog about this in an effort to change anything that happens in our store, nor to make you feel sorry for us - it truly is more about education. In fact, we even offer painting workshops through Carver Junk, so YOU can do these projects yourself if you like! And now, you'll have an idea of what it will cost you in time and real dollars.{and, you won't be fooled by shows like Flea Market Flip! watch, enjoy, and take it as a great entertainment show :)  }