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    Carver Junk Company — interior design

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    CJC Moved In! A Fall Farmhouse Market in Gonyea's Foxwood Neighborhood

    CJC Moved In!  A Fall Farmhouse Market in Gonyea's Foxwood Neighborhood
    We moved our store into a new construction home for a weekend, and it was all sorts of fixer-upper-inspired fabulous! Check out the pinterest-worthy photos and Fall design ideas.

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    BIG NEWS | CJC is on the move!

    Carver Junk Company started out four and a half years ago in a 300-sq ft space with a month-to-month lease. Our goals were to create a store that appealed to people like us, that was open one weekend a month, and to fill our "spare" time with a hobby we could work on together. I wish I could remember how those conversations sounded. "It's 18 hours a month. It'll be fun!" "It's an excuse to go to flea markets! And we'll have a place to sell all the things we find, so we don't turn into hoarders!" We lasted four months in that 300 sq ft space before we outgrew it. We moved a half block up the street into a bigger space, we found some equally-crazy and motivated vendors to join us, and opened our doors. A year later, with a baby on the way, we knew we couldn't keep moving dozens and dozens of furniture pieces up and down treacherous stairways every month. We moved. Again. This time, 2 full blocks up the street, into our current location. In 2014, we heard a demand for a CJC location that was open more often, and closer to many of our customers, so we opened a second location in Mpls. Each time, our business was busting at the seams, and our demand had outgrown the space we had. And this time is no different. Yes, this time...we're moving again! We've loved our time in Carver. The town is charming - it's why we live here, in the same historic downtown area. The members of the community are amazing, and have been incredibly supportive of our small business. We're moving because we need more space, and it's not available in our little downtown Carver. We're looking forward to almost double our square footage and a dedicated workshop space where we can share our passion for DIY with more people via more classes! We're moving because Chaska feels as much like home to us as Carver has been. Chad grew up in this area, living in Chaska from the time he was born through middle school. The building we're moving to is a historic bank in downtown Chaska. It's the same historic main street where he grew up riding his bike with friends. We're moving because the future of downtown Carver feels uncertain, and the focus of the City government is on growing the community far from its center. We're moving to a downtown that's actively working on revitalization and growth, and we know our current customers and our supportive Carver community will love the new space as much as we do! Our beautiful new building features 13-ft ceilings, exposed brick, natural wood work, the original bank vault (which will be a part of our sales floor space!) and a light, bright interior. It's the perfect fit for modern, industrial farmhouse style. We can't wait to show it off to you in May, at our Grand Opening! We still intend to be open one weekend [plus maybe an extra day] each month, along with the other occasional stores in Chaska. We're beyond excited to be joining a group of existing businesses that started this occasional market. They're unique, local shops that support dozens of other local makers. They focus on remaining unique, supporting one another, and ensuring that their products are complementary to one another. It feels like the perfect home for CJC! Thank you all for making this possible, for helping us continue to grow, expand and push our boundaries. Our customers remind us, again and again, when we take on crazy projects that push us far beyond our original goals for this business, that we have so much support and love! Chad, Brandy, and the CJC team!   Visit the Carver store for our Grand Finale: March 16th - 19th, 10 am - 4 pm each day. We won't have a "store" location in the SW Metro for April, but our Minneapolis store is open 7 days a week, and our CJC@HOME event is April 21-23rd in Apple Valley!

    CJC@HOME, Fall 2016 Styled Home Shopping Event

    We're styling a home, and you can shop! CJC@HOME is a new construction Lennar home that we are turning into a CJC store for a weekend.  We'll show you how refinished and handmade furniture and decor fit perfectly into a new, modern home. You'll see how to furnish your home in an affordable, sustainable way - all while shopping locally. Style Inspiration: Modern Fall Farmhouse Aimee Buss from The Vintage Estate, and Gabe Lindberg from Cotton Seed Designs have teamed up to design this home, and it's a perfect mix of their styles! Aimee embodies everything farmhouse {she's our own personal Joanna Gaines} and Gabe's style is decidedly modern and colorful {she is a professional interior designer, and master of color & texture}. The idea board for the home includes a Fall farmhouse main level, including study, dining room, family room, eat-in kitchen, mud room, and laundry room. The upstairs has a more modern, playful feel with a nursery, loft/play room area, and colorful modern bedrooms {still utilizing CJC's refinished furniture & handmade decor}. cjcathomefall2016pinterestbanner Event Details The "need to know" event details are here, along with a link to purchase tickets. Here's the bulleted-list version:

    • The home is in Victoria, MN.
    • Tickets are required for entry {and can be purchased online or in either store}.
    • Everything is for sale. Most items can be taken home immediately, others will need to be picked up {or delivered} after the event closes on October 9th.
    • We will be restocking throughout the weekend, so the house will be full no matter what time you shop.
    • NEW: All shoppers will have access to our extra inventory in the 4-car garage of the home! Three times as much furniture!
    We'll keep posting more as we get closer to the event! We're so excited to continue sharing the vision with you, and specific items we'll have in the home. Follow us on Instagram for more sneak peeks: @carverjunkcompany KidsCJCatHOME2016

    The One(s) That Got Away: Furniture I wish we'd kept.

    When I got home last night, Chad showed me a photo of a dresser he painted yesterday. I immediately proclaimed we were keeping it. In fact, I couldn't understand why it wasn't already upstairs in our bedroom. And then he burst my bubble - the gorgeous giant won't fit up our stairs, and around the corner...yep, it's that big. And Chad is pretty much the tetris master, so when he says something won't fit, it's either because he hates it {and thinks telling me it won't fit is nicer} or it truly won't fit. In this case, I know he loves the dresser as much as I do.'s going to the Carver store. To sell. To someone else. Sad face {for me}. The Dresser That Got Away | Carver Junk Company Painted Furniture | Custom Painting | Minneapolis, MN Today I started thinking about all the other pieces I wish we'd kept, or could have kept, over these last 3 years in business. People always assume we've got the most amazing house filled with the most amazing furniture. You know that saying about the cobbler's kids having no shoes? That's us. With furniture. We don't have all the most amazing furniture, because: 1. We have a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty house. For real. It's old, and cozy, and we love it. It was partially renovated before we bought it, and the old owners did an awesome job opening up the main level. But, small house + very few walls = not much space for furniture. 2. We're busy! This might sound like a silly excuse, but often we find amazing pieces we intend to put in our house, and we leave them up in the back of our warehouse to paint/refinish "when we have time." You know how that story ends....and in this case, we've had times the store is so busy, we run out of furniture, and we've dug into our "personal" stash in storage to put in the store... Don't get me wrong....we have a few incredible, wouldn't-give-them-up-for-the-world, pieces of furniture. And a few others that are nice, but really just space fillers until we find that perfect piece. We also have a bedroom without nightstands, and that is just begging for a storage bench at the end of the bed. We have a living room currently without a coffee table, because Delainey started walking last week, and our warehouse cart's sharp edges are suddenly a bit of a hazard {it's staying in storage until she's's one of those keeper pieces}. But I still have a mental list of the ones that got away. In case you all want to admire them from afar, and add them to your "wish list" {or Pinterest list} of furniture pieces, here they are:Vintage Orange Pigeon Coop on Wheels | Carver Junk Company | Shoe Cubby | Orange Storage Cupboard | Handmade in WI   Oh, that orange pigeon coop. I found it on craigslist about a year into us owning a store. A picker in WI had it, and I wanted it so badly - I convinced Chad to drive across the border to pick it up. Some of the wood doors looked like the pigeons, or maybe some predator, had chewed them up, but it was INCREDIBLE. I still dream about it. We weren't even engaged yet, and I was talking about putting it in one of our bedrooms upstairs for our future kid's toys. Those damn stairs....this one wouldn't fit either, or I would NEVER have given it up! The only continuous wall space in our house where it WOULD fit is where our couch sits. I should have sold the couch.... Antique Bike Shop Cabinet from Chicago | Carver Junk Company | Primitive Wood Cabinet with Drawers and Metal Shelves And lastly, this cabinet. We got it from some folks in Edina who were moving & couldn't take it. They'd purchased it from an antique store that told them it came from a bicycle shop in Chicago. It makes sense, with all of the little drawers, that tools & parts could have been stored in this guy. The back of the cabinet, and all but the faces of the drawers, is metal. The wood was so beautiful, we didn't have to do a thing to it. As we now search for perfect "display only" pieces for the Minneapolis store, I think of this guy often - he would have been perfect, and then we could have kept him! {because there was NO WAY} this would fit anywhere in our current house... Another time, I'll show you the very few pieces in our home that are "for keeps."  Do you have any furniture that got away?