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    Carver Junk Company — Carver

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    BIG NEWS | CJC is on the move!

    Carver Junk Company started out four and a half years ago in a 300-sq ft space with a month-to-month lease. Our goals were to create a store that appealed to people like us, that was open one weekend a month, and to fill our "spare" time with a hobby we could work on together. I wish I could remember how those conversations sounded. "It's 18 hours a month. It'll be fun!" "It's an excuse to go to flea markets! And we'll have a place to sell all the things we find, so we don't turn into hoarders!" We lasted four months in that 300 sq ft space before we outgrew it. We moved a half block up the street into a bigger space, we found some equally-crazy and motivated vendors to join us, and opened our doors. A year later, with a baby on the way, we knew we couldn't keep moving dozens and dozens of furniture pieces up and down treacherous stairways every month. We moved. Again. This time, 2 full blocks up the street, into our current location. In 2014, we heard a demand for a CJC location that was open more often, and closer to many of our customers, so we opened a second location in Mpls. Each time, our business was busting at the seams, and our demand had outgrown the space we had. And this time is no different. Yes, this time...we're moving again! We've loved our time in Carver. The town is charming - it's why we live here, in the same historic downtown area. The members of the community are amazing, and have been incredibly supportive of our small business. We're moving because we need more space, and it's not available in our little downtown Carver. We're looking forward to almost double our square footage and a dedicated workshop space where we can share our passion for DIY with more people via more classes! We're moving because Chaska feels as much like home to us as Carver has been. Chad grew up in this area, living in Chaska from the time he was born through middle school. The building we're moving to is a historic bank in downtown Chaska. It's the same historic main street where he grew up riding his bike with friends. We're moving because the future of downtown Carver feels uncertain, and the focus of the City government is on growing the community far from its center. We're moving to a downtown that's actively working on revitalization and growth, and we know our current customers and our supportive Carver community will love the new space as much as we do! Our beautiful new building features 13-ft ceilings, exposed brick, natural wood work, the original bank vault (which will be a part of our sales floor space!) and a light, bright interior. It's the perfect fit for modern, industrial farmhouse style. We can't wait to show it off to you in May, at our Grand Opening! We still intend to be open one weekend [plus maybe an extra day] each month, along with the other occasional stores in Chaska. We're beyond excited to be joining a group of existing businesses that started this occasional market. They're unique, local shops that support dozens of other local makers. They focus on remaining unique, supporting one another, and ensuring that their products are complementary to one another. It feels like the perfect home for CJC! Thank you all for making this possible, for helping us continue to grow, expand and push our boundaries. Our customers remind us, again and again, when we take on crazy projects that push us far beyond our original goals for this business, that we have so much support and love! Chad, Brandy, and the CJC team!   Visit the Carver store for our Grand Finale: March 16th - 19th, 10 am - 4 pm each day. We won't have a "store" location in the SW Metro for April, but our Minneapolis store is open 7 days a week, and our CJC@HOME event is April 21-23rd in Apple Valley!

    Giving Back, for the Kids [and $10 gift cards for you!]

    I've written the title of this post, and erased it, a dozen times. What it really should say is "No words."  There are no words that can cover the pain, strength, and stress that a family dealing with childhood cancer is going through. It's my greatest fear in life. Truly. And there are children of friends, in our community, who live this reality. And so, we're giving back. We'd love for you to join us, so we're giving a $10 CJC gift card to each of you that gives to St. Jude. Read on... Every year, the Carver Lions hold a fun event in January called the Soggy Bottom Open. I like to think of it as small town beer golf, for a Cause. "Golf" is a loose term - bring your baseball bat, broom, shovel - whatever you want to hit a tennis ball through the soggy January snow. Stop by the multiple bars in Carver before or after, and ultimately, support a great cause. This year, Carver Junk Company chose to sponsor Team Abigator in the SBO. We sponsored a hole (via donation) which supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We'd love for you to join us in donating, and we're so passionate about this cause, we're adding a bit of incentive: 1. Donate  $50 here. Select "tickets" and then "Donation to Team Abigator/St Jude." [You do not need to purchase tickets to donate] 2. Bring your receipt to either CJC store in February (on your phone is fine). 3. We'll give you a $10 gift card. Team Abigator has a goal of reaching $3000 in donations, and they are halfway there at $1500. Thank you for supporting such an amazing cause with us.   Abby's Story Abby Lindall just turned 13. She lives in Carver, not far from our store. Her Dad is a part of the Carver Fire Department, and despite the craziness of their lives, both of her parents are incredibly involved in our community. Abby stopped growing when she was 8. At age 10, her parents exhausted every option to determine why Abby wasn't growing, and just days after an MRI in December 2013, Abby was having surgery to biopsy a brain tumor. Abby and Cookie | St Jude's Fundraiser | Childhood CancerAbby Craniotomy | St. Jude Fundraiser | Childhood Cancer               A recent Facebook post from Abby's dad, Nate: "We have not ever received a bill for any of the treatment that Abby has received from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Our journey started because Abby was not growing. She would make several trips to the growth chart, only to have that look of disappointment, because she hadn't grown in two years. After discovering the reasoning for her growth deficiency, Abby has now grown 14 inches in height." Abby's tumor is inoperable. The side effects from her tumor, radiation and medications have caused lasting issues with body temperature control, migraines, adrenal insufficiency, kidney issues, and have drastically reduced her short term memory. Abby takes 12 prescriptions per day, and will for the rest of her life. She goes to the hospital every six months to have the size of her tumor checked. Through all of it, her parents have said, all Abby wants is to be a normal teenager. She plays soccer, goes to school, and stays so strong through everything. In bringing awareness to St. Jude's and childhood cancer, Abby has gotten to meet some pretty cool people. But her Dad says "Abby doesn't want to be in pictures and meeting famous people, she just would like to have a normal life." Abby has chosen to give back to St. Jude as a part of the Life Study program. She will return back for continued monitoring of her tumor, once per year, for the rest of her life. Through ALL of Abby's time at St. Jude, including a 4-month stay at the beginning of her diagnosis, her family has NEVER received a single bill. St. Jude employs 250 doctors, from 32 different countries, to become St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Fellow Doctors, on a one year rotation basis. They are sharing all of their methods and treatments with the doctors and staff at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The treatment plans are made available, via the worldwide web, for any doctor to use for the patients (at no cost to the hospital or physician). Tomorrow is the Carver Lions Soggy Bottom Open. Donations support St. Jude directly, and we can't imagine a better charity to support in a month where our store's focus was KIDS.  Thank you for joining us in this effort. For supporting children across our communities. For helping us to ensure that if any of our own children ever need the services of a place like St. Jude, that they will be available.  Donate here, and please share.  

    Fall Decorating Pinspiration: Bring it On!

    Chad insists on having the air conditioner set at 68 degrees in our house. I'm currently in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket, with my laptop actually on my lap for added warmth. It feels like winter in our living room, but I'm not quite ready to make that leap, so instead I'm surfing Pinterest for cozy Fall decorating ideas. The kind that are understated, but make you feel warm, and like you can smell the leaves outside...without being in-your-face-orange. Here are some of my favs:   I've added these to my Fall Indoor Decorating Board on Pinterest, too. What about you all? Do you keep your houses well-air-conditioned? Are you ready for Fall?

    October 15th - 19th Sale. A Look at the Store Before the Doors Open!

    Here is a quick visual teaser of what the store looked like before we opened on Wednesday night this month!  As much as we would love to be able to focus on beautiful staging of items to show you how they may look in your home, everything stays pretty for approximately .25 seconds after the doors open, so we tend to focus our energy on finishing more furniture! Stay tuned for a fun time-lapse video of our whole weekend, coming next week. You'll be able to see how much new furniture we bring in throughout the weekend, and how quickly it all finds new homes! Until then, enjoy....  {please note, much of this is now sold - if you are interested in a particular piece, please visit our FB page to see if it's available, or call 612.615.8650 and ask!} ReclaimedMPLS at Carver Junk Company | Antique Vanity Two-Tone Milk Paint Desk | Repurposed Frames as Chalkboards | Subway Art Prints  DSC_0229  Carver Junk Company | Grey Buffet | MN Heart Art Print | Home | End Table | Retail Staging  Carver Junk Company | Yellow Milk Paint Dresser | White Vintage End Table | Retail Staging | Merchandising | Handmade | Empire Style | Stag Head  The Vintage Estate at Carver Junk Company | Vanity Desk | MN Heart Pillow | Plaid Antique Chair | Staging | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint  Cotton Seed Designs at Carver Junk Company | Dresser Armoire with Drawers Inside | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint  Cotton Seed Designs at Carver Junk Company | Small Commode End Table Shelf | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint  Cotton Seed Designs at Carver Junk Company | Ribbon Silk Wreath Cream Wall Decor  Happy Home Barnwood Sign | The Vintage Estate at Carver Junk Company | Unique Font | Word Art | Hand Painted  Handmade Infinity Scarves in Plaid, Geometric Prints with Real Leather Cuffs and Snaps | StudioBlue at Carver Junk Company | Best Selling Scarves for Fall Fashion  Fall Pumpkins and Deer Antlers at Carver Junk Company | Antlers are awesome dog chew toys - indestructible and natural  Thankful barn wood sign | The Vintage Estate at Carver Junk Company | Fall Harvest Home Decor Dining Room Wall  Handmade Foaming Hand Soap in Vintage Blue Ball Mason Jars with Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump | Carver Junk Company | Handmade in MN  Handmade Cocktail Shakers with Cocktail Recipes in Mason Jars | ReclaimedMPLS at Carver Junk Company | Handmade in MN   We are open the rest of the weekend:  Friday and Saturday 10 - 4 each day, and Sunday Noon - 4! Hope to see you!