Pinspiration: Weekend Project Ideas {Spring}

Mar 14, 20142
It's feeling like Spring around here! I'm cautiously optimistic; "March is the snowiest month of the year" keeps running through the back of my head. But....this weekend's forecast is looking pretty amazing, so I'm inspired to start a few spring projects. Whether these actually get done {or even started} this weekend is another story....but let's assume I have the best intentions. 1. I love this colorful paper flower wreath from Love Pomegranate House. And, bonus, it's easy-peasy to make. Paper, glue, and a ribbon. Hello, fun kids' craft, too?? And while you can choose any colors you want, coral & grey are hot, hot, hot for spring right now. 2. I promise this isn't going to be a whole post about wreaths, but how could I pass up this recycled spring wreath? I would bet most of us have an old hose {with holes} laying around somewhere...and who knows what happens to those rubber bits when we toss them in the garbage. Why not recycle it into a sweet spring wreath, like this one from Create. Craft. Love.? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Ok, their tutorial fesses up to the fact that they bought this hose new. We still think it's a great two-for-one project for recycling![/caption] 3. NEON PINK! I am sort of in love with these, though I'm trying to figure out a place in the house or garden that Chad would even consider putting neon pink pots. Perhaps I'll have to settle for turquoise or an orangey-red {our main-level accent colors}. But YOU should definitely make these with a neon accent color, like these ones at The Proper Pinwheel. And then send me photos, so I can live vicariously through your decor. 4. Lavender really makes me think of spring. We just bought TONS of dried lavender buds, and we sell them by the scoop at the store. What the heck to people do with a small paper sack of lavender buds? Here's one idea from {none other than} Martha Stewart: 5. It's not a project, exactly, but it's great inspiration for any spring projects that might be on your list! Check out Pantone's 2014 spring colors. Paint some picture frames, paint some furniture, choose new curtains, or some accent pillows. Quotes See more of our Spring Pinspiration on our Spring Fling Pinterest board. What's on your spring project list? Feel free to include a link to your Pins or Blog in the comments below!

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  • Wonderful ideas, thanks!

    Di B

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