Anniversary Giveaway, Part 1

Sep 09, 20142
UPDATE: Giveaway has ended, and winner was chosen by Congrats to Sara T. on winning a free Milk Paint Basics Workshop registration! ************* We keep posting on Facebook about milk paint. You want to know what it's all about, and if it really involves milk. We offer workshops for just such Q&A, as well as hands-on time to play with and learn about the paint. The outcome? You, with confidence, going home and painting furniture. Don't blame us if Grandma gets mad at you for painting her antique dresser.... Click below to enter for a free Milk Paint Basics workshop. We hold workshops at least once monthly, and the winner will receive a voucher for one (1) spot in any regularly scheduled Milk Paint Basics workshop at Carver Junk Company, good until March 31st, 2015! Rafflecopter We won't keep you hanging about that milk question. The answer is YES! Milk Paint actually has milk in it! Check out our Milk Paint FAQs page for more info.

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Comments (16)

  • I have a bunch of projects planned! Dresser, nightstand, window frame, picture frames.

    Tracy Rundell
  • Yay, pick me! I have been wanting to take a milk painting class!!!

  • I would love to try a class so I could redo a dresser or night stand.

  • I am dying to take a Milk Paint class. Would have been there tonight if I didn’t have a school meeting. I have an old dresser to paint and then it’s time to tackle my kitchen cabinets.

    Melissa Hansen
  • I’m dying to paint the hutch in my dining room!

    Jess Talkington
  • I would love a class! I want to paint my grandmother’s console table!

  • Would love to try a class!

  • I have been interested in taking a class. Would love to learn more and try it out!

  • Awesome! I’ve been planning to take a class for ages. :-) I have an old vanity from my grandma that would be awesome with a milk paint update. Also have an old Duncan Phyfe table that could use a boost. And I’m totally curious about the durability for kitchen cabinets. Oh, so many projects and ideas.

  • I want to paint my white dresser & chest of drawers with apron strings for my daughter! She’s 5 and dying for her own dresser that she doesn’t have to share!

    Lori Tuma Reinhold

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