Feeling Nostalgic…

Carver Junk Company - 4 Years Later

As I was driving to work {“real” work} this morning, it hit me that Carver Junk Company is coming up on our 4-year anniversary of opening our doors. And of course, that gave me all the feels….and now I can’t stop thinking about all the things that have happened in these last four years. The […]

The Mason Jar Bar @ Carver Junk Company

Mason Jar Bar at Carver Junk Company

A few months ago, a nice lady stopped into the store while I was working, looking to sell some old mason jars she had in the trunk of her car. Normally, I don’t purchase items during store hours,┬ábecause we’re usually too busy with customers. On this rainy day, however, I decided to take a peek […]

Carver Store Sale This Weekend! March 20-23rd

Our March sale is just over a day away, and we are still piling furniture and other goodies in the door! Take a peek at what will be in store for you this weekend {and remember, we re-stock and re-fill every day, so you won’t be missing out no matter which day you stop out […]