Chaska Junk Company

Carver Junk Company's Chaska Occasional Store | Chaska, MN | Small Town MN Shopping | Local Minnesota Makers Shopping | Vintage Furniture and Decor

….just kidding! We aren’t changing our name, but our new store did open in downtown Chaska today, and we couldn’t be more excited! When we’ve opened previous locations, we’ve sort of just opened the doors, painted a couple of walls, and moved in. But we’ve learned a ton over the last 4 years, about what […]

CJC@HOME, Fall 2016 Styled Home Shopping Event

We’re styling a home, and you can shop! CJC@HOME is a new construction Lennar home that we are turning into a CJC store for a weekend.  We’ll show you how refinished and handmade furniture and decor fit perfectly into a new, modern home. You’ll see how to furnish your home in an affordable, sustainable way – all while […]

Mad for Plaid: Fall Style Trends We Love!

20 Ideas for decorating with Plaid this Fall | Plaid Fad | Mad for Plaid | Tartan Decor | Pinterest | Carver Junk Company

Mad for Plaid. We’ve pulled together 20 of our favorite rooms featuring plaid decor. Spoiler alert, it’s not just for Christmas anymore. Plaid is perfect for Fall, transitions beautifully into cozy winter decor, and feels preppy & classy all year round! Furniture Upholstered in Plaid   Throws & Pillows for a Pop of Plaid Plaid […]

The One(s) That Got Away: Furniture I wish we’d kept.

The Dresser That Got Away | Carver Junk Company Painted Furniture | Custom Painting | Minneapolis, MN

When I got home last night, Chad showed me a photo of a dresser he painted yesterday. I immediately proclaimed we were keeping it. In fact, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t already upstairs in our bedroom. And then he burst my bubble – the gorgeous giant won’t fit up our stairs, and around the corner…yep, it’s […]

Fall Decorating Pinspiration: Bring it On!

Herringbone Fleece Faux Fur Luxe Blanket | Carver Junk Company

Chad insists on having the air conditioner set at 68 degrees in our house. I’m currently in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket, with my laptop actually on my lap for added warmth. It feels like winter in our living room, but I’m not quite ready to make that leap, so instead I’m surfing Pinterest […]

Carver Store Sale This Weekend! March 20-23rd

Our March sale is just over a day away, and we are still piling furniture and other goodies in the door! Take a peek at what will be in store for you this weekend {and remember, we re-stock and re-fill every day, so you won’t be missing out no matter which day you stop out […]

Pinspiration: Weekend Project Ideas {Spring}

It’s feeling like Spring around here! I’m cautiously optimistic; “March is the snowiest month of the year” keeps running through the back of my head. But….this weekend’s forecast is looking pretty amazing, so I’m inspired to start a few spring projects. Whether these actually get done {or even started} this weekend is another story….but let’s […]