Chaska Junk Company

Carver Junk Company's Chaska Occasional Store | Chaska, MN | Small Town MN Shopping | Local Minnesota Makers Shopping | Vintage Furniture and Decor

….just kidding! We aren’t changing our name, but our new store did open in downtown Chaska today, and we couldn’t be more excited! When we’ve opened previous locations, we’ve sort of just opened the doors, painted a couple of walls, and moved in. But we’ve learned a ton over the last 4 years, about what […]

BIG NEWS | CJC is on the move!

Carver Junk Company started out four and a half years ago in a 300-sq ft space with a month-to-month lease. Our goals were to create a store that appealed to people like us, that was open one weekend a month, and to fill our “spare” time with a hobby we could work on together. I […]

The One(s) That Got Away: Furniture I wish we’d kept.

The Dresser That Got Away | Carver Junk Company Painted Furniture | Custom Painting | Minneapolis, MN

When I got home last night, Chad showed me a photo of a dresser he painted yesterday. I immediately proclaimed we were keeping it. In fact, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t already upstairs in our bedroom. And then he burst my bubble – the gorgeous giant won’t fit up our stairs, and around the corner…yep, it’s […]

Upcoming Events: July and August, 2015

Carver Junk Company August Occasional Sale Event | Carver, MN Vintage Furniture and Handmade Home Decor

We’ve got summer fun planned at both stores over the next couple of months. Click on each photo for more details about the event!      

2014 in Review. And What’s Happening in 2015!

Carver Junk Company | 2014 Year in Review | Furniture | Painted Dresser| Repainted | Milk Paint | Chalk Paint | Lacquer Spray

2014 was our second full year in business. We’ve officially been open for 2.5 years! Some days it feels like a lifetime, and I can hardly remember the early months. Other days, it feels like just yesterday that we opened, and I’m in shock at how quickly we’ve grown! 2014 was such a fun year […]

Milk Paint Giveaway: European Colors Released!

European Colors | Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint | Mora, Schloss, Arabesque, Layla's Mint, Marzipan, Bergere | Available at Carver Junk Company

Miss Mustard Seed has released six new milk paint colors in her European milk paint line, and select retailers in the U.S. are also carrying them. Carver Junk Company will stock all six European colors. The shelf date {meaning, the date at which we’re allowed to sell them to you} isn’t until January 24th. But […]

New Milk Paint Colors: MMSMP European Color Line!

Arabesque Dresser |Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint | Dusty Soft Pink | Carver Junk Company

New colors for the New Year! Miss Mustard Seed, aka Marian, has created a whole new line of colors for the European retailers that carry her paint. Lucky for us, she’s also allowing select US retailers to carry the new colors as well, and we should have them in stock in late January, early February. […]

Carver Junk Company MINNEAPOLIS!

Remember when we told you we’d signed the lease on an AMAZING storefront in a FANTASTIC neighborhood in BEAUTIFUL Minneapolis? It was probably filled with way more exaggerated adjectives I just can’t remember right now, but it turns out all of those things are really true! We’ve been looking for a space in Minneapolis for over a year. […]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Color of the Month: Mustard Seed Yellow

If you follow Carver Junk Company on Facebook, you know that we offer 10% off the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colors of the month. Lucky you, November has two colors of the month! If you follow Miss Mustard Seed anywhere online, you probably know that all of her paint colors have a story. While […]

October 15th – 19th Sale. A Look at the Store Before the Doors Open!

Here is a quick visual teaser of what the store looked like before we opened on Wednesday night this month!  As much as we would love to be able to focus on beautiful staging of items to show you how they may look in your home, everything stays pretty for approximately .25 seconds after the doors […]