Wood + White Collection Mango Wood Serving Bowl, Large

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This stunning Mango Wood Salad Bowl is sure to create joy in any kitchen or dining room. Crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced mango wood, this bowl boasts a beautiful natural grain pattern that adds a touch of modern yet rustic charm to any table setting. The stunning enamel coating which provides a smooth, glossy finish not only enhances the bowl's natural beauty but also makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Made in India
Measurements: 15"" W X 15"" L X 3"" H
Crafted from Mango Wood
White Enamel Coating is Food Safe
Hand wash with mild soap

Add a touch of modern farmhouse charm to your store with sustainable kitchenware, like the Wood and White Collection. Handcrafted with care, each piece adds a rustic yet elegant element. An enamel coating adds durability to the large serving bowl, while still showcasing the natural wood finish. For a unique twist, try a carved wood bowl or a minimalist white bowl to suit any design aesthetic.