Mini Tabletop Fire Pit


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This firepit is the perfect "experience" gift for the person that has everything. 

The Original Personal Fireplace that is fueled just by Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol! With just 5oz of Isopropyl Alcohol, you will get a 45-60min burn time. A refined, clean and crisp look with a quartz-like base custom milled to match the new unit. Lined with felt it still protects your surfaces’ manufacturing. 



Can I add alcohol/fuel while the fireplace is still burning. 

  • Absolutely not. Nothing flammable should ever be added to a live flame.

What percentage of isopropyl rubbing alcohol do I need? 

  • 70% or 91% 

Can I use other fuels such as bio ethanol?

  • Unfortunately not. FLÎKR Fire is ONLY meant to be used with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

How long does it last?

  • Depending on ambient temperature, etc. you can expect 45-60 minutes of burn time. 

How do I turn it off?

  • Do not attempt to blow it out, just snuff it! We recommend using a stone drink coaster. Set it on top of the unit for a few seconds and the flame will be deprived of oxygen. 

How long can I burn it?

  • We recommend that after two refills (approximately 1.5 - 2 hours) you let the unit cool for roughly 20 minutes. The cement can withstand extremely high temperatures, so no problem there. It does though get hot to the touch and this is good to mitigate by letting it cool. Also the heat held by the cement will be passed to the alcohol, making it burn more quickly and hotter. This also it mitigated with a cool-down period. 

 What is it made of?

  • Yep, everyone asks that. We encourage a lot of diy but please don't try to make this yourself or trust casual copycats. We put a lot of work into testing this (including third party testing by UL) to make sure it is as safe as possible. That said, it's a proprietary cement rated at 3,000 degrees and non-absorbent. The base is a man-made quartz with polyester felt.

Can I really burn it inside?

  • Yep! Suffice here to say that isopropyl alcohol produces a complete combustion when burned. So in a properly ventilated space, soot is only put where the flame touches (nothing on your ceiling or surfaces!) and there is no carbon monoxide.

How does it do in the wind?

  • Fantastic actually. It's in fact very difficult for wind to blow it out. Just be aware that in extraordinarily high wind it has a chance of blowing the lit fuel out of the basin onto surfaces. 

Is it safe to cook over it? 

  • Absolutely!  The only off gassing of isopropyl rubbing alcohol when burned is water vapor and carbon dioxide!  So it is totally safe and tastes so great!  Just like over a campfire!

How much heat does it put off?

  • Actually not that much. We call it a, "cozy warmth" because it's really only felt when you are quite close to it. In the middle of the summer it won't counteract your air conditioner. This makes summertime s'mores more possible than ever!

Can it tip over and spill?

  • We have designed FLÎKR Fire to be extremely stable. That said, any liquid can slosh. For this reason we insist that it only be placed on a very stable surface. Also anyone near the unit should understand this potential. 

What happens if it spills?

  • Being a liquid, isopropyl alcohol will spread (while lit) over a surface if spilled. Unlike a gelled alcohol though, isopropyl alcohol actually burns off quite quickly. First, we recommend you don't panic. Second, a fire extinguisher to put it out. We do of course require flammable objects be kept away from the unit. 

Is there anywhere I shouldn't put it?

  • Keep it off any wobbly or unstable surfaces. Also keep things like cloth table-runners or doilies a distance away just in case there is a spill. 


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