Ceramic Herb Markers- Gift for Gardeners - Kitchen Gift


$20.00 $26.00you save $6.00
A lovely gift for gardeners that also ensures less plastic gets put in the earth! These stoneware ceramic herb markers for kitchen herb pots are the perfect Christmas present for all types of gardeners, indoors or outdoors. With all the herbs that we love too: Mint. Basil. Thyme. Chives. Parsley. If you are planting your first seed kit and about to grow your own herbs outdoors or on your kitchen sill, these eco friendly gifts are so much better than their plastic counterparts. Stylish asset to any herb pot we say. Eco-friendly gift: these beautiful ceramic plant tags, are made from clay, a natural material and one of the most beautiful and durable options. Clay is sourced from the earth and unlike plastic, returns to the earth.