Build a Longer Table Scroll Wall Decor

$50.00 $56.00
$50.00 $56.00you save $6.00

Elevate your cottage chic, rustic, industrial or farmhouse style with this kraft paper scroll. Each thoughtfully designed expression conveys a simple, charming, understated elegance that will complement any surrounding fixtures. The adjustable length and the organic, natural look of kraft paper makes this scroll a versatile statement piece perfect for any room in your home.

20” wide scroll 

Scroll: Twine will be included and pre-tied with each scroll. Scrolls will ship with length adjustment instructions and magnets. We recommend a minimum display area height equal to the width of the scroll. The display area is the paper between the top and bottom rolls of the scroll. You are purchasing a 20” wide scroll, the recommended minimum length to roll the scroll out to would also be 20”.