Eco-friendly, 3D-Printed Bottle Vase | For Dried & Fresh Flowers

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Height: 8" - Width: 4" - Depth: 4"

DESCRIPTION Introducing our modern Bottle Vase – 3d Printed for a blend of elegance and functionality. Its contoured lines and minimalist design complement any space, enhancing both modern and traditional decor. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, this vase not only adds sophistication but also guarantees durability. Perfect for showcasing floral arrangements, it's a timeless statement piece that elevates your home decor. Plants not included.

Our eco-friendly vases are made from 60% corn-based bioplastic and 40% recycled wood fibers. Our vases come with a waterproof insert to ensure they can be used with dried & fresh flowers. Designed and made in Texas.