Eco-friendly 3D-Printed BUBBLE Vase | For Dried & Fresh Flowers

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Introducing the captivating BUBBLE Vase, a fusion of contemporary design and playful elegance. Its sculpted bubbles create an essence of lightness and buoyancy, reflecting and refracting light for mesmerizing patterns. Crafted with impeccable detail, this statement piece elevates any space, sparking conversation and sophistication. Versatile and enchanting, fill it with dried flowers or let it stand alone, commanding attention. Experience the whimsical charm and inspire your imagination with the BUBBLE Vase – infusing your space with playful elegance and natural allure.

Includes waterproof insert so 3D-printed vase can be used with fresh flowers, too!


Double Bubble -Height: 6.17 Inches -Width: 3.70 Inches -Depth: 3.70 Inches

Single Bubble -Height: 3.09 Inches -Width: 3.70 Inches -Depth: 3.70 Inches