CJC@HOME is a Styled Home Shopping Event:  We move our store into a new construction home, where our customers can come to shop, and see how our refinished and handmade furniture and decor fit into a new, modern home. Everything’s available for purchase!

Our Next Event is Oct 7-9 in Victoria, MN. More details and Tickets available online! The theme is a modern farmhouse, with touches of fall decor. We’re mixing vintage, industrial, rustic and modern – and showing you how beautifully they all work together, even in a brand new home. The items in the home, plus a 4-stall garage full of furniture, will all be available to purchase while you tour & get ideas. Inspiration + Shopping!

Here’s a look at our last event. CJC@HOME Fall 2016 is a new home, a new design, and an even bigger event!

See more photos from CJC@HOME’s Winter 2016 Event